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Change the way your mind works through online therapy by exploring different ways to consider situations, problem solve, and grow and develop beyond the things we learn to endure.


What do I offer?

My Services


Individual Therapy

My Therapeutic approach is to provide a safe space for clients to process through very personal experiences. In sessions I teach clients how to use mindfulness techniques, healthy habits, and coping skills. In partnership with my client, I tailor a highly personalized approach integrating a combination of therapeutic modalities, methodologies and techniques to aid clients in learning how to identify and determine the thought patterns, behaviors, or cognitive distortions they would like to alter. Through compassion and understanding I work collaboratively with each individual to help them build upon their unique strengths they will use towards personal growth.

Supervision for Licensure

Supervision is a process towards licensing that requires a commitment to growth in self as a therapist. Supervision includes discussing and analyzing therapeutic experiences from current case load, discussion of theory, clinical practices and techniques, ethical issues and career challenges. This is a supportive environment designed for learning, growth and participation.

Contact me to set up an appointment to discuss supervision. I provide HIPAA compliant online supervision for Idaho, Indiana, Ohio, Washington and Texas as well as in office supervision in the DFW-Texas area.


From the comfort of your own home.

I want to make improving your life as accessible as possible. That’s why I offer most online therapy sessions via Zoom. This allows you to improve the quality of your life without even leaving your living room.


Helping everywhere I can.

I’m licensed to practice in Idaho, Indiana, Ohio, Texas, and Washington State.


Hey, I'm Eryn

I have over two decades of experience as a provider of care ranging from being an In-Home Caregiver, Family Therapist, Youth Counselor, Geriatric Specialist, Hospice Caregiver, Medical Case Manager, and Clinical Psychotherapist. In addition to my Private Practice, Altered Perspectives PLLC, I provide consultation, trainings and supervision (via video, phone or email) to therapists nationwide.